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Why Not Kibble?

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Why Not Kibble for our Carnivore Pets?

Traditional vets are mostly against feeding anything but kibble and canned foods. This is because they were taught in vet school that this is the only way a dog or cat can get a totally balanced diet. However, most vets are not up with modern times regarding the most species appropriate diet for pets. Which just doesn't make sense why processed food is better than what nature provides.

kibble.jpegWhy are at least 90% of pet owners still feeding their carnivore companions a dry dog or cat food that is at least 60% carbohydrate, with no moisture content and low quality protein from questionable sources?

Some of the protein and carbohydrates from many commercial kibble diets are also plant based- soy, legumes, corn or potato. These foods are not natural to carnivores.

Expecting our pets to thrive on this kibble diet and be nourished does not make sense at all and is really a travesty against our pet population.

What many don’t realize is how and why the packaged dog food we feed our dogs got started.

Well....the history of dry commercial kibble is all about profits. However, originally it was introduced because of the increased cost of food during the Great Depression. Kibble was heavily sponsored after the end of WWII when it gained popularity for its convenience, ease of supply and low cost when little else was so easy to come by for pet food.

Jennifer Lee explains in her informative book, “The Inner Carnivore”:

Raw Feeding Made Easy & Affordable - Now up to 30% OFF

This unnatural and processed nature of kibble pet food makes it problematic for your dog or cat to properly digest.Even if your kibble is high quality and is grain free with natural preservatives- it still contains a high carbohydrate content of potatoes or legumes, so there is the probability that mold spores will contaminate the kibble during packing and bagging, especially if it is exposed to a humid environment. This can also occur after purchasing if your kibble is stored in a moist area or an open container.

( Please give your pets probiotics and enzymes if you are feeding kibble. Also add Colloidal Silver to their water bowl to help with addressing whatever bacteria is in the kibble. )

From everything I have studied and learned over the years, I know now that a lifetime of commercial, dry pet food is one of the main reasons dogs and cats are so diseased today. ( that and over vaccination being a culprit as well) Pets fed the typical mainstream vet promoted kibble often experience severe nutritional deficiencies and are getting their daily doses of toxins and chemicals, which lead to all the ill health suffered by modern pets -like diabetes, Addison’s, all types of cancers, as well as liver disease.

Also it is important to note that a carnivores food needs to provide protein from a wide variety of sources so as to obtain the full spectrum of all the different amino acids for your pets, which are best provided from raw meat sources, including raw meaty bones. Protein is the most important nutrient that is needed in every cell in your carnivore’s body. These full spectrum amino acids have to be provided daily and they must come from animal protein of the highest quality possible to build healthy cells, organs, muscles, enzymes and hormones for our cats & dogs. Carnivores have these short digestive tracts that are fast working and very simple. They are not designed to make their own amino acids so must obtain them directly from food. They are also not designed to process carbohydrates, starchy vegetables, legumes or grains.

These amino acids are found in the following raw species appropriate proteins:

  • chicken rawdietforpets.jpeg
  • duck
  • turkey
  • all kinds of eggs
  • fish
  • lamb
  • beef
  • bison
  • venison
  • elk
  • goat
  • green tripe
  • kidneys
  • liver
  • lung
  • tongue
  • heart
  • chicken feet
  • trachea

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